Terms & Conditions

Horizons Ireland


All prices are subject to change until a contract has been signed. Any alterations to the stipulated requirements, such as adjustments in the duration of services, modifications to the program, or changes in the requested services, may prompt a revaluation of rates and availability.

  • Availability of all services is contingent upon confirmation at the time of
    booking, which occurs upon the signing of the contract and receipt of the
    initial non-refundable deposit.
  • A non-refundable deposit, as specified in the invoice, is required to secure
  • Please be advised that prices are susceptible to adjustment based on
    inflation. HORIZONS is committed to securing the most favourable rates
    achievable through negotiation.
  • Services and prices labelled as "optional" are not part of the total budget
    and are offered as additional, discretionary options.
  • HORIZONS is not responsible for services directly booked by the client.

Taxes and service charges

  • Please note this quotation is based on the current rates of VAT (Value
    Added Tax) applying under Irish law, should these change we reserve the
    right to amend accordingly.
  • Service Charges on all pre-booked F&B are included in the budget. However, tips to guides, drivers and hotel staff are not included and subject to your discretion.

Transportation services

Under Irish law all drivers are subject to specific regulations governing their driving hours and rest periods:

  • Drivers are limited to driving for a maximum of 8 hours per day, 56 hours in one week, or 90 hours in any two consecutive weeks.
  • The coach driver must take a minimum of 11 hours of rest per day and an unbroken rest period of 45 hours in a week.
  • After 4.5 hours of driving, they must take a break of at least 45 minutes.

In instances where the demanded services surpass the stipulated regulations mentioned above, the engagement of an additional relief driver becomes necessary to ensure compliance with the prescribed driving and rest timeframes.

Guide services

  • Full-day hire spans a maximum of 8 consecutive hours, to be scheduled between 8:00-18:00hrs (8am-6pm).
  • Half-day hire covers a maximum of 4 consecutive hours, to be scheduled between 8:00-13:00hrs (8am-1pm) or 13:00-18:00hrs (1pm-6pm).
  • Evening hire covers a maximum of 4 consecutive hours – up to 23:00hrs (11pm)

Should there be a need for hours beyond the above specified limits, an extra hourly rate will be applicable.

In cases where guides do not dine with guests, there will be a daily lunch allowance of €25 per guide. Additionally, a dinner allowance of €50 per guide will be applicable in similar instances.