If you’re looking for a breathtaking destination which offers plenty of exciting experiences and gorgeous venues for your next incentive program or corporate event, look no further.

Norway’s icy glaciers, mountainous landscape and roaring waterfalls are a feast for the eyes that offer ample opportunity for outdoor adventure. While in Norway, you can’t help but be awed by its beauty.

  • Traverse Norway’s fjords
  • Have unique dining experiences
  • Basque in the midnight sun
  • Ride along the iconic Flåm Railway

For incentive travel and corporate
events that will refresh &
delight — pick Norway!

Norway is not just countryside though and it’s also famous for its bustling cities and colourful villages. Oslo and Bergen are Scandinavian Sophistication, culinary masterpieces and energetic metropolises all rolled into one.

Why have your meeting, incentive, conference or event in the Norway?


Norway is a huge country and it's capital Oslo and two major cities in Bergen and Trondheim offer a vast variety of accommodation. From the traditional 5-star hotels in Oslo like the The Grand Hotel or The Continental to more contemporary 4 and 5-star options. Outside of the big cities, Norway offers comfortable options along its many beautiful fjords and major ski resorts, for a room view you will never forget.


Activities in Norway are numerous. During the summer you have fantastic cruises along the fjords and numerous options to enjoy hiking on the rugged mountains. Embark on a salmon fishing trip around Lofoten or stay up to experience the never setting Midnight-sun in Northern Norway. The winter offers great skiing and snowmobiling adventures, husky-rides, and the magical Northern Lights.


Oslo has good connections to the major capitals of Europe and good 1-stop options from North America and Asia. The country is crossed by a long railway system, most of which traverses scenic landscapes. To experience the best of Norway – hop on the historic Flåm railway near Bergen to Bergen.


Norway is famous for big salmon farms, and fantastic seafood is the base. Norway is also one of the centres for new Nordic cuisine.

Norway’s top Incentives & Venues

Whatever the group size or goals, these unique venues and engaging activities will make hosting a corporate event in Norway, a corporate retreat or incentive programme, an absolute breeze!

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Midnight Sun

At certain times of the year, those living in the regions north of the Arctic Circle or south of the Antarctic Circle can experience the Midnight Sun phenomenon. In these areas, the Sun remains visible even at midnight. For the most majestic way to experience the Midnight Sun, travel to the northernmost point of Norway – The north where there is nothing between you and the sea.

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Fjord Cruise

The Norwegian rugged coast is one of the most iconic landscapes in the region. Experience the grandeur first-hand on a Fjord cruise and be captivated by the beauty of the majestic fjords. Soak in the crystal-clear air and witness the stunning vistas of unspoiled cliffs, waterfalls, and mountains that have played host to Viking history. You'll be mesmerized by the tranquillity of the mirror-smooth waters.

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Salmon Fishing

Norway is home to some of the best salmon rivers in the world. Long, bright summer nights make it possible to go fishing late at night or early in the morning. Under the guidance of an experienced fisherman, you and your team can experience angling in one of the most tranquil and cinematic locations on earth.

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Kirkenes King Crab

Experience the unparalleled flavour of the Red King Crab! Embark on an unforgettable fishing adventure in the frozen fjord. You'll be taken via snowmobile in search for the King and will need to step out onto the ice and help the fisherman haul the traps from the depths below. After you’ve captured a picture with your biggest catch of the day you'll be rewarded with a scrumptious meal of freshly-caught juicy King crab in a cozy farmhouse restaurant by the fjord.

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Under Restaurant – Lindesnes

At the bottom of the chilly North Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Lindesnes, lies a unique restaurant. Located five and a half meters below the sea surface is a dining experience like no other! With an immersive view of the aquatic life, you will literally be sampling Norwegian delicacies amongst the fishes.

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Grieg Hall (Bergen Concert Hall)

The Grieg Hall, renowned for hosting the 1986 European Song Contest, has long been the top choice for any event requiring culture, conference, and exhibition space. With its expansion in 1996, it has become a premier centre for international events and continues to be the most popular venue for cultural happenings, trade exhibitions, conferences, receptions, and banquets. With its varied, flexible, and high-quality facilities and technical offerings, the Grieg Hall is sure to deliver a successful event and leave a lasting impression on all who take part.

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Grand Hotel Oslo

Grand Hotel Oslo is situated in the centre of Oslo, on Karl Johan Avenue. With attractions and stores just steps away, this hotel is ideal for a memorable event. From board meetings to formal banquets, this grand hotel has multiple function rooms in different sizes to accommodate events of any size, and a variety of food and beverage options, as well as activities. As soon as you step into the lobby, you'll feel the unique ambiance of the Grand Hotel Oslo.

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